Book More Clients & Make More Sales From Incoming Phone Calls

Without Sounding Scripted or Using Sleazy Sales Techniques...

The secret to converting  more callers to clients is NOT through annoying your callers or spending more money on marketing.

HIGH CONVERTING CALL CLASS will teach you how to demonstrate your authority quickly without being pushy. Imagine empowering the caller to come to the realization on their own that you are the best person in the industry to meet their wants and needs - in just a few minutes!


If you’re putting your time, energy and money into generating phone calls to your business - imagine what would happen if 80% of those callers became clients.

Chances are your close rate is much lower than that (in fact, most small businesses close inbound calls at 20 to 30%) - which means you’re leaving money on the table.

Don’t worry - you’re not alone. And it doesn’t have to be like that forever.

There are a few unintuitive, yet simple, rules to take your inbound call conversion rates from 30 to 80% !

A lot goes into growing a business... Whether it's a service-based business that is booking appointments or you're selling products over the phone, there’s systems, payroll, standard operating procedures, marketing, etc. Focusing on the phones might not be high on your list of priorities when you think about growing your business, but it should be.

Why do phone calls matter?

Let me ask you this - how much money are you spending on social media or on Google Ads to generate leads for your business?

If you’re like me, you might be spending 10% of your revenue just trying to get the phones to ring.

And that’s money well spent. Because the reality is that the only way we make money is by getting those phones to ring. Businesses like yours and mine don’t see much foot traffic, so our revenue comes from incoming calls.

Here's the problem:

When you or your staff are not converting those incoming callers to new clients, or simply not enough of them, you’ve spent all that money on getting the phones to ring, but you don’t have any new clients to show for it.


A training to help you get up to 80% call conversion rates without sounding salesy.

For small business owners, receptionists, or anyone who answers the phones at businesses where potential clients are calling for information, booking appointments, and making sales. This exact method can apply to a real estate broker, contractor, fitness center, cleaning services, life insurance companies, lawn care companies, medical practices, even product-based businesses! These principles can be applied to both in-person and virtual businesses.

If someone is calling you to book an appointment or swipe their credit card before you both hang up, this course is for you. 


  • Conduct smoother calls. You will be equipped with the information and training you need to answer the phone with confidence and provide the information your callers need to know they called the right place for what they’re looking for.
  • Experience higher call satisfaction. You’ll learn how to provide excellent customer care without sounding salesy or leaving the caller feeling pressured. You will be able to connect with callers and identify their end goal without taking too much of their time.
  • Book more appointments and make more sales. Increase your conversion rates by letting callers know you have exactly what they need. You’ll have the tools to articulate the value of your service to callers with confidence, so you won’t need to rely on sketchy or annoying sales tactics.

Get Ready To Take Back Control Over the Outcome of Your Calls.

By allowing yourself and your team to have more confidence when answering the phones.

Take a look at the content inside of the class that will change the way your company answers the phones.


Phone Training 101

  • Learn the importance of phone training and how best to approach the training for best results
  • The numbers behind phone calls, including lost revenue due to answering calls incorrectly.
  • The positive impact that call-takers have on a company 

Steps of Phone Training

  • Identify and follow the steps of my proprietary phone training as the foundation for boosting your call conversions.
  • How to be coachable and why this is important
  • The importance of memorization and acting in taking calls
  • Understanding the principals behind the script

Understand and Implement

  • Understand and implement the my proprietary rules of high converting calls.
  • Learning the "Never" rules of phone calls
  • Learning the "Always" rules of taking phone calls
  • Assessments & Feedback

Providing Customer Service

  • Learn to provide excellent customer service on the phone
  • Getting to know and understand your client and why it is important
  • What great customer service looks like
  • Example calls & assessments

Asking the Right Questions

  • Identify the right questions to ask and how to ask them for a smooth call experience.
  • How to find out what is most important to the caller
  • Anticipating objections and how to handle it
  • How to show value, and why it's different before you reveal pricing

Scheduling Appointments & Making Sales

  • Create a process for successfully scheduling appointments, making reminder calls, and following up with missed appointments.
  • What to need to know before you schedule an appointment
  • How to conduct reminder calls
  • How to handle missed phone calls
  • The importance of call monitoring and recordings

Putting Your New Confidence to Work

  • Gain skills and confidence by practicing what you’ve learned using a provided scenario. 
  • Learn the importance of phone scripts
  • Real life examples with model calls of specific scenarios

Overcoming Objections 

  • Our goal is for you NOT to get objections, but if you do - it doesn't have to be the standard high-pressure response script you've been taught before… 
  • Learn how to gather information early in the call, so that you are already equipped with what you need to overcome the most common objections with ease. 
  • We cover how to overcome the Spouse objection, Time Commitment objection, and Price objection - without being pushy or sleazy. 

Who is this class designed for?

Video Poster Image

If you're looking for ways to increase your call conversion rate, this course is for you.

In this course, we do a deep dive on the rules for high converting calls, and I give you the tools to help you boost your conversion rate from 30% to up to 80%! 

The course has everything you need to:

   >> Conduct Smoother Calls

   >> Experience Higher Call Satisfaction

   >> Book More Appointments & Make More Sales


Okay, I'm liking this. 

What do you need me to do next?

Step #1

Enroll in High Converting Call Class Today  

Learn the strategy behind the results - a few simple rules make a huge difference. 

Our technique will show you how to demonstrate to the caller that YOU are the best person to meet their wants and needs, so that you don’t have to “sell” your offer.

Step #2

Practice, practice, practice 

Implement as you learn the materials and start tracking your progress - soon this method will become second nature to you. 

Help the caller come to the realization (through your guidance) that your service/product is the solution they are looking for!

Step #3

Watch Your Calendar Fill Up with Booked Appointments, and Make More Sales

It’s really that simple. And with your new Customer Service skills, those appointments quickly become sales - your bottom line will thank you!

If you’re getting incoming calls from potential customers, you need this course!


"For years I've been answering phone calls at a medical facility and I've learned so much in High Converting Call Class. I already thought I was good at answering calls, but what I learned is that there's a specific methodology to use. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to become successful at answering phone calls for work."



"My appointment closing rate went from ~50% to ~90% after taking the course. It taught me how to take control of the conversation and how to efficiently get the information I needed and make the appointment. It was easy to follow and effective."

- Trevor


"High Converting Call Class helped me mainstream the way I answer phone calls to establish a solid flow. After taking the phone training, my calls are concise and to the point, which allows me to answer more phone calls in the same amount of time as before. I liked how the principles taught could also be applied to customer service technique when handling consumers in the office."

- Sharisse


"Before this class, I struggled with pausing after answering a person's questions, asking yes or no questions, the comfort with "alternative twos", and the overall understanding the idea that handling phone calls is a skill. It improved my confidence first by understanding that it's a skill, then by being introduced to the rules and goals help guide my training to build phone skills. Lastly by then having the tools needed to work on mastering the skill by role-playing, reviewing, and practicing. Now I'm booking appointments 90% of the time instead of just 35%."

 - Najla

"Before this, I struggled with using fillers, stalling, answering questions that were not asked, and repeating questions that caller asked. The program gave me tools and techniques, like the "Always" and "Nevers", and explains it to perform a better process of confining the call, obtaining the pertinent information, assuming the appointment and then booking the appointment. It helped me to increase booked appointments and get more positive feedback from callers such as hearing "You have been so helpful", and other comments such as that."

- Michelle


"The program helped me by breaking down a step by step directions on how to answer phone calls. I can now book more appointments over the phone."

- Rundel

"We have a large volume of calls daily. Because of this course, we have improved our customers service rating and have provided great care to our patients. The training improved my training with my team and improved customer service."

- Melissa

"This course provided even more analogies and real-life experiences to relate to. I think this is important for every learning style. It trained me to own the call, be the leader of the call and not let the caller lead. The training has improved my overall length of calls (helped me to consolidate my calls) and helped me increase my sales. "

- Calee

Hi, I'm Jonathan Baktari


I’m so glad you’re here. If you’re anything like me, you value leveraging technology, data, and a solid team to serve people well.

I started my career as a triple-board-certified physician, building my experience in various settings from private practice to large hospitals.

After many years in healthcare, I took the knowledge I gained and my passion for quality patient-driven care and opened up three businesses — a vaccination center, a drug testing center, and a gym franchise with my wife.

It was there that I began to develop and test more effective ways to serve patients and clients well while growing a successful business.

High Converting Call Class was created out of our dedication to supporting real leads, and providing them with excellent customer service as we guide them toward the next steps of becoming paying clients.

Now, I help other service-based business owners like you do the same thing using innovative and straightforward solutions. I can’t wait to show you how a few simple changes in how you answer phone calls can TRANSFORM your business when you enroll today.

See you inside.



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Calee's Amazing Results

"The training has improved my overall length of calls (helped me to consolidate my calls) and helped me increase my sales. After this class, now it is rare that I end a call without assuming and then getting the sale." 

Marquisha's Amazing Takeaways

"This class gave me confidence to take control of the conversation and navigate through what the caller is looking for. The "alternative of two" was great as it will cut the time in half of what you spend trying to figure out what is going, plus you minimize errors while doing so."

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